Year of Altruism

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YOA Leadership Team Shares Thoughts on Elie Wiesel Event Cancellation

The Year of Altruism Leadership is saddened to learn of Professor Elie Wiesel’s ill health and inability to appear in Greenville in a valuable and meaningful program being presented by the Peace Center.  We believe his message and thoughts focusing on altruism would have been a significant and powerful foundation piece for the Year of Altruism Celebration.

The Year of Altruism Leadership extends heartfelt wishes and prayers to Professor Wiesel for a full and complete recovery along with many others who extend similar support.  We will be anxious to learn of his recovery progress.

It is with great hope that we are looking forward to hearing from the Peace Center that Professor Wiesel will be able to grace their stage to speak to us about altruism in today’s world.  The importance and impact of his message on altruism could not be more timely and appropriate whenever it is given.